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EraMount Pineapple Squash 750+750 mL – COMBO

EraMount Pineapple Squash 750+750 mL – COMBO

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“Perfect Pineapple – Perfect Squash”

EraMount’s Pineapple squash is a luscious cooling and refreshing thirst quencher from pure fresh pineapple juice and sweetened with sulphurless sugar to make an exceptionally delectable chilled beverage. We pick fresh and well-ripened Pineapples that offer the best aroma and nutrition for you.

This tropical Himalayan fruit has rich antioxidant properties, contains an abundance of vitamin A, vitamin K, phosphorus, calcium, and zinc that can work wonders in fighting many diseases. It’s a rich source of vitamin C, helps to maintain a healthy immune system while its content of manganese provides a healthy metabolism.

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